World Ethnic Day

Khamma Ghani

This is how we greet people back where I am from, Mewar, Rajasthan.


India is a nation with multiple ethnic groups each having a unique identity and it is really important to respect and promote that because that is what gives our nation its rich culture and diversity. How mundane and boring the world would be if everyone looked and talked and behaved the same.



me, ethnicity is a symbol of pride and brotherhood. Wherever I go, I take a piece of where I come from with me and that’s what makes me different, that’s what makes me connect instantly with people from the same background. Your ethnicity is what gives you your wow factor. Ethnicity influences so many aspects of our life, our language, our food, our mannerism, and even our fashion. While in turn ethnicity is a result of the history of the land and the people.



Rajasthan is a land of people who live life to the fullest, celebrating every second of it. This is why the couture of Rajasthan is known for its bright hues, vivid colours and elaborate decorations. Every piece of clothing is a celebration in its own way, from the Ghaghra worn by women to the Pagris adorned by men.

Your attire induces the spirit of the land and the people in  you. Cause this is what fashion does. World ethnic day is an amazing initiative by Craftsvilla . It is of paramount importance to celebrate your roots. It is a step forward in promoting unity in diversity, as people of varied backgrounds come together to glorify their culture.


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