Work Hard So You Can Party Harder

Work is life and life should be fun.

‘But you can either work or have fun. Its not possible to do both.’

How many times have you heard someone say this to you? I can bet more than a few times. But whether you believe this statement or not is the question.

There are people who fear life, who fear to be happy and they are the ones who tell you not to go all in and do and try everything that you can.

But if you are successful and you work hard everyday, then why shouldn’t you go bungee jumping or paragliding once in a while? You deserve it don’t you?

And what is the point of earning money and working tirelessly if you are not even doing the things that make you happy.

You have to work and you have to play. You cannot choose one. And don’t forget to do all of this in style.

You go out for a run, you have to put on your running shoes and gear and even the right clothes. Why? Not because you want people to look at you but because you want to put your heart into running and want to feel like an athlete.

Similarly, if you are going to work then shouldn’t you dress up professionally to walk and feel the same as well?

And that is what we are looking at in today’s look. The model s dressed professionally and is not just wearing the clothes, he is breathing the same.

Its very important to feel your character rather than just wear the costume. After all the world’s a stage and we are all playing our parts. (Shakespeare!)

So, let’s start with the look. The model is wearing a bespoke suit and has an electric blue turban on. When you want to stand out from the crowd, you should always get a bespoke suit. They are made to order and are hence unique in the true sense of style.


Then comes the blue printed shirt from H&M . If you want a semi-professional look, then you can take the blazer and wear it with regular denims than going with formal pants.

Accessories!! The most important of them all. They are as important as stars to a night sky.

We have the tie from Izod and the belt is from Ferragamo. The watch is from Michael Kors and the super sexy scarf is from Gucci.

But that is not all that completes the look. The model has a pocket square on him that is from the Brooks Brothers and the shoes are from Mezlan.

Never ever forget the socks. They are the final feather in your cap. And for this look, the model has got the socks from Happy Socks to give you and edge over all the other boring professionals.

For you have to stand out and make a difference.





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