A pink turban and a humble smile

A man who knows how to be humble owns the world.

But is humility shown only through your actions and words?

No! When you are humble, every inch of your being whispers it loudly. Even the clothes that you wear, express and show your personality in ways words never can. And that is why you should always dress according to your personality and not just what may look good to others.

Your clothes must have a character along with style. You can pick any colored shirt you like, but what if you pick a color that tells others how confident you feel in that particular situation. Wouldn’t that be great? And believe me, clothes do speak out and rather loudly.

How about today’s ensemble? It’s the color women have always loved and men have found a little recently. Pink! A happy, sexy, vibrant and a humble color indeed! Pink is becoming the new black.

And if you haven’t got any pink clothing, then its time to get one.

Look at the model wearing pink like he owns the world. But with that he still looks innocent and sexy! Why is that? Because he has struck the right notes with the colors. The highlight of the look is the pairing of pink and blue. The pink turban, the blue shirt and the pink and blue striped tie with a hint of white. Don’t forget the sexy brown pants. Never forget the pants!

It’s the perfect color code to show how vibrant and confident you are.

He is the sharp dressed man.

But now let’s talk about the brands that have made this look possible.

For you don’t have the time to stitch and its better to leave it to the professionals.










So, the blue shirt is from Banana Republic,  the white semi professional blazer is from Zara and so are the pants. The shoes that are giving the whole look a professional touch are from Mezlan.

Let’s talk accessories now. They are the ones that complete the look. The belt is from H&M and the amazing and beautiful watch is from Karl Lagerfield.


The tie that is holding everything together is from Izod and the tie bar that is holding the tie in place is from Gentleman’s Culture. Last but not the least, the stylish patterned pocket square is from Ted Baker.

Now you know from where the look came. If you love it, take the whole thing and shop look. But if you are inspired, then all these brans have got so much more to show you. Look and sop for what best describes you.

Stay stylish. Do tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Stay humble and smile wide!



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