Mumbai Meets Vancouver

You should always take out time from your busy schedule to hang out with friends and family. Be it a day that is spent cozying up at home watching movies in your pajamas or one where you plan on going around town in your casuals. But whatever you do, try to make your leisure luxurious and stylish.

So let’s talk about this look that you can carry when you go out with your friends. A casual walkabout in town. What should you wear? How about this look? The model has mixed up his bright red Turban that is symbolic of his age old Indian heritage with a really stylish trendy attire.

Let’s start with this really smart mac trench coat that is from ‘Banana Republic. The color and length of the coat is perfect for an outing on a windy day. It protects you from the breeze and makes you look stylish at the same time. Then we have the sweatshirt from ‘Forever 21’, a brand that knows no limits when it comes to making you look awesome. Then we have the black denims from Zarathat are going exceptionally well with the light and bright colors.

The model is also wearing bright red shoes that are from ‘Aldo’. And finally to give the attire a final touch, you need accessories. And here the model is wearing a necklace from ‘Topman’ and a really sexy watch from ‘Gucci’ that has uplifted the whole look to another level.

This is a perfect attire for a casual day. And its color coded so well that you will blend everywhere in a way that you will still stand out from the rest. A bit contradictory statement yes, but have a little trust. When you wear this look and go out, you will know what this meant and will have no contradictions in mind!

Try this on your next outing! Shop the look!

And do let us know what you think about today’s look in the comments below. We are waiting to hear from you!!

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