More is More and Less is not Bore

There is something about styling that makes you stand out in the crowd, but neither overthink it nor follow out-and-out rules. Always remember Just dress the body you have, not the body you want. Here are a few quick tips for basic styling –

–          Shoe colors beyond black and brown

–          Classy pocket square

–          Suspenders or belts – pick one

–          Necktie when don’t have to – fun

–          Gym shoes are for the gym and same for ditto athletic socks

–          Lightweight sweater under a sports jacket with jeans

–          Pair of colored trousers

–          Nice suitcase and day bag – baggage is part of styling

–          Elegant watch to wear with a good business suit

–          Comprehend contrast

–          Get more shoes

–          No button-down collars for a formal evening

–          Shine shoes more often

–          Hair wax at times

–          Iron shirts

–          Keep cleaning out wallet

–          Expand belt collection

–          Understand patterns to compliment body type

–          Necktie and pocket square could share a color family, but not a perfect match

–          Balance the top and bottom

–          Pick seasonal colors

–          Appropriate sunglasses

–          Well-groomed – tip to toe

–          Lightest fabrics in the summer

–          If mixing patterns, vary the scale of the patterns

Visit a menswear store you’ve never been to before, but never wear a bad fit. Take your measurements and get adjusted!
By Ajay Rajpal-
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