How to make others sweat more in this summer!!

Good day to you fine gentlemen. Make a note – while it may look like I am trying to give you pointers on how to burn more calories (best way I could put it), I however, am not.

Today is all about making others sweat through your attire.

The sun is marching on us with its full potential and there are times one doesn’t even feel like stepping out of the house. And yet one has to. So why not go out wearing something that keeps you feeling and looking cool, still at the same time making others sweat oceans.

No, this is not an exaggeration of words but is a mere holistic approach to happiness.

Clothes can change the way you feel about yourself. You wear something that makes you feel comfortable and unknowingly, you will feel confident and grand. And it goes without saying that others will indeed sweat oceans, men and women alike.

So now that we have established that your look will make people sweat more for sure, its important to chose the right clothes and accessories and of course the right brand. For today’s look, I have devoted myself to the brand that has revolutionized street wear fashion in India and has changed the way people perceive fashion- Breakbounce .

It’s a brand that will never cease to amaze you and with over hundreds of styles to choose from, I have put together this look that perfectly suits the scorching weather.

I have paired up a Breakbounce Brule men’s blue shirt with Breakbounce grey casual trousers. The belt that is trying to show itself off from behind the shirt and the white casual shoes that are blending perfectly with the blue hues are again from Breakbounce.

But no look is ever complete without accessories. If you want to look the part, don’t forget to accessorize. So, what do we have here? I have on a timeless beauty on my wrist. It’s an exquisite wooden watch by none other than Tsar Watches. So you indeed will feel like a Tsar.

Finally to take this look up a notch, I have a sexy leather bag by Pelle. And believe me when I say this- once you go along the lines of this look teamed up with these accessories, you will feel more confident and will surely turn sweaty heads.

Do give this a try and let me know. Or just shop the look.

And we can keep the discussion about the pointers for some other time!!

Have a breezy and cheery day!

Shoot by Vinod sahu

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