Life in Slow Motion #3


Who doesn’t love brooches? They have been a favorite of men and women alike since the Bronze Age. So loving them and wearing them today only makes sense doesn’t it?

Moreover, a brooch is not just to hold something in place or keep the garment pressed to the body, but it was and somewhat is still meant to specify something along with giving an instant impression about the wearer of the brooch. A small thing that holds such significance. Who knew! So why not wear a brooch every time you dress formally?

And let me tell you, these beauties have evolved with time. There was a time in the past when brooches were made of bones, actual bones. The usual suspects were also available though, namely, gold, silver and bronze. But now they are made by using all kinds of materials known to man and come in all kinds of amazing designs and shapes too. Like the one I am wearing in this picture. This is a Silver Bunny Brooch from ‘Life in Slow Motion’, again an amazing brand may I remind you. They have such a great collection in brooches. And its standing out so well with the blue themed attire that I am wearing. Think about getting one for yourself too now! If you are wondering about the tie, it’s a knitted grey tie from the same brand.  

Go get your own brooch today. Maybe a Golden Reindeer Brooch or a Goat Brooch? The choice is yours. Shop away and do let me know what you think

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