Life in Slow Motion #2

Are you ready for work yet

Even if you are, just hear me out once.

When you are trying to go with a formal look, you must accessorize and that too accessorize accordingly in order to stand out in the office or even at the formal lunch where everyone you see is dressed up in a suit. So what can you do different? What to wear?

Well, you can choose a colorful pocket square that is quite different in color as compared to your crisp shirt and blazer. Like I am in this picture wearing a pocket square that has an abstract design and has got vibrant colors. Its from the brand ‘Life in Slow Motion’. If you notice, this square is popping out due to its colors and is still complimenting my sort of dark pink shirt and grey blazer.

Try this pocket square or choose your own. Make your outfit pop out.

Also, you can go with a tie pin or a tie clip to make your formal attire look a class apart. Like I am wearing a shades tie clip from the same brand. The tie clip is way different from a formal look if you look at it separately. But it again compliments the whole outfit and maintains its funky style at the same time

So here were just a few tricks to look more awesome than you already do.

Do let me know if you try these.

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