Life n Slow Motion #4

The Necessity To Accessorize!

How are you feeling today?

Hoping that the answer is- great. But even if it isn’t don’t worry. I have got your back.

Got an important meeting coming up? Are you not too confident? Or just nervous? Well, don’t be. You are going to blow people’s minds on the big day for sure. But just in case you need a confidence boost, I have the perfect formula.

Dress smart! As simple as it sounds, its actually quite a deal breaker. Imagine going on a date in your boxers and t-shirt. Would your date go well? It could by some great fortune but as the saying goes first impressions matter a lot, you should know that your date won’t be too impressed with your zero efforts look.

It goes for all situations. Make a good impression when you walk in anywhere. You have to create a hook. Its an instant thing that will make even the harshest critics go in a shock. You want that don’t you?

So what are you planning to wear for that meeting? A suit? A casual or semi casual suit? Or you want to go all black and white? Extra serious. Its your choice how you want to go. But if you listen to me and put in just a few extra efforts, your confidence will go sky high.

The best way to stand out from a crowd of suits is to accessorize. Like I have in this look that I am showing you in these pictures. It’s a semi formal look. Yet it looks like I mean business. Accessorizing isn’t done to show how fashionable you are. But its meant to help you get the confidence you need and show how you like to put extra efforts in everything that you do be it while getting dressed in the morning.

So now that we are settled on this need to accessorize, let me tell you about today’s look. Here I am wearing blue smart shirt from the brand- Indian Threads with a black casual blazer from- Zara Men and casual blue jeans. Coming to the accessories now. All the accessories are from the brand- Life in Slow Motion. It’s a brand that specializes in making unique accessories for men.

The tie is a red patterned knitted tie that I am holding in place on my shirt with a silver crescent arrow tie clip. Then I also have an abstract pattern pocket square that is vibrant in its colors. Finally, there is the metal lapel pin that has got a royal design, like that of a royal stamp.






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