Do let your pants define you


A rather uncanny and judgmental starting to today’s post. But there is nothing wrong with getting complimented for your pants. Is there? Let’s be blunt here, everyone enjoys making others go wide-eyed by their looks and especially clothes. Be it that you are wearing a casual quoted t-shirt or a formal shirt.

Men usually don’t compliment each other like women do. And it’s probably a good thing because when we do which, happens rarely, we are plain and honest. No offence to the ladies out there of course. But we are focusing on men here. So please be a little lenient.

So what is the whole fuss about complimenting got to do with today’s look? Well, if you want people to go wide-eyed at your personality and taste in clothes, then you should definitely pick a few things in your attire from this semi-professional look for today.


First up are definitely the pants. They don’t come from a brand but are bespoke. And that is the reason they are fitting the model so perfectly. Tailor made pants define you in ways that cannot be spoken of. And one thing is for sure, they make one look and feel impeccable.

And if you have not been skipping leg day at the gym, then you should not skip on getting bespoke pants for yourself.

So now that the pants are settled, let’s move on. We have the blazer from ‘

Zara , the crisp white shirt is from Bar III and the shoes are from Eastland.

No look is complete without the accessories. So what do we have here?

We have the blue white striped knitted tie from American Eagle. The belt that is trying to peak from behind the blazer is from Ferragamo. The watch is from the timeless classic Omega. And the red polka dotted pocket square is from H&M.


So there is nothing that you would not want to adapt from this look for your next meeting or a casual meet and greet. Let us know what you think about this look in the comments below. Oh and don’t forget the vibrant red turban. Never forget the turban!

Don’t be afraid to let the pants define you!

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