HQ Ties & Luxury Men’s Accessory by LIFE IN SLOW MOTION

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For today’s look, I have tried to compliment the often forgotten accessories with my formal yet with a hint of casual attire. I am focusing on the little things that really matter and make or break an outfit, like ties, pocket squares, tie clips, lapel pins and also cuff links.

You don’t realise how important these things are and what major difference they make in your look when you wear them.

But if you understand what I am saying then you should start looking for ties and all kinds of accessories to compliment and perfect your look.

Looking for the right place to shop from then? Need my help?

Visit- Life in Slow Motion a brand whose designers have impeccable taste and awesome color sense. They have ties to fit every occasion and celebration. Here I am wearing a Blue & Red Stripes Knitted Tie from their collection only. Stands out doesn’t it?

They have all sorts of ties. Be it a knitted square tie or a slim tie that is perfect for parties. Or you can even go with floral ties or textured ties. They have a lot of colors in their collection. But just a plain blue or black would be perfect too if you prefer.

I wanted to showcase a formal look for the young man. So I went with a custom white shirt with cream trousers and an almost maroon colored blazer by Zara Men which, altogether is complimenting my knitted square tie. I have also added a stunning Renee Deer lapel pin, a golden leaf tie clip and a perfect pocket square.

It’s the complete look for every occasion. You change your tie color and you change your look completely. Possibilities are endless. Play with colors. Start with this look.

If you like today’s look then please let me know in the comments section below. Or even otherwise, share your ideas or just talk!

Have a good day!


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