Classic sophistication and a modern style

Good day to you G E N T L E M E N

What are you doing different today to feel at your best and do your best?

Well I know what I am doing and that is I am taking you on a tailored walk.

Down the memory lane, I vividly remember my grandfather wearing a suit to the office everyday. He is a fine gentleman and I guess I have got the class and style from him. And not just one kind of suit, he owned several kinds, the two piece, the three piece, the summer ones, the winter ones and what all there used to be. Of course it goes without saying that the man loved brooches and cufflinks. Still does. Big fan. And for the big events,

But the most special thing about his suits was that they were all tailored, bespoke, something that you don’t often see these days. These days when you want a suit, you just go the mall, pick a brand, buy a blazer, a pant, a tie and if you are feeling up to it you buy a new shirt too. Sorted. No fuss.

So, there you are at the big business meeting looking sharp. But what do you lack? Its individuality in your style. A suit must fit you like a glove. Like its made just for you. But you compromised. Its okay to compromise but when I think about my grandfather and his style in those days and how he still looks sharp and his individual self in his suits till date, I tell myself, no its not okay to compromise. Why should you? You have got a choice.

And I am giving you that choice. For today’s look and for the upcoming one as well, I joined hands with a brand that took over my wardrobe and gave me something that I didn’t know I wanted or rather needed. I know I don’t have to compromise now.

My wardrobe today is by RAD Bespoke ; the brand that gives you tailor made suits for every occasion, big or small. Because your suit defines you before you even say a word.

I am wearing a black suit, an 8 buttoned one, golden buttons (the one for special events) and it fits me like a glove indeed. with an addition of the right accessories, this one looks right up our generation’s alley doesn’t it!

So for the accessories, I have put on a golden skull brooch that very subtly catches the eye. Then I have also got on a golden handkerchief (that came with the suit of course), with brown rugged tan shoes if you noticed. And last but not the least, I am wearing a timeless wooden piece by Tsar watches with handcrafted leather bag by PELLE .

If you want to look your individual self and feel stylish with a touch of the past, then you must get a bespoke suit for yourself. You can get the information about this amazing RAD Bespoke brand at- .

“Actions speak louder than words”, and your clothes are part of those actions too. You would not want to fight a case in your pyjamas would you? So think about your clothes, focus on your style. Look like the true gentleman that you are. The feeling is addictive.


Have a fine day gentlemen!!

Don’t forget to accessorize!!!

Shoot by Aditya saxena

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